Sterling North: Author Critic Naturalist

Sterling North wrote 30 books and countless reviews, essays and poems. Sterling is best known for his autobiographical book “Rascal: A Memoir Of A Better Era.”  A man of passions and drive, he loved fishing almost as much as he felt compelled to write. His writing makes vivid the pleasures to be found in nature, and the extraordinary gift of human existence.


“The Life and Times of Sterling North”

The play was written by Gayle Stettler and Isabelle Spike.  Gayle was involved with the Sterling North Book and Film Festival for 14 years in a variety of roles.  Isabelle  is a playwright who hopes that the play gives folks a little window into Sterling’s life and his work, and that it leaves them curious about his words.  She adds that she wants the story to uplift the kids of Edgerton and that they’ll see great things can come from small towns.  The play was presented as part of the 25th anniversary celebration on October 21 and 22, 2022.  There were approximately 180 people who attended the performances.


Video Tour by Walt Diedrick

Walt Diedrick was a founding member of the Sterling North Society and spent MANY hours over a period of three years to renovate the home to its 1918 setting.  Walt was described as not only a board member, but a renovation foreman, custodian and troubleshooter, and most importantly, an educator.  When the museum opened in 1997, Walt led countless tours for area school children from 1997 until 2015.  On occasion, he was so knowledgeable that students asked him if he actually was Sterling North!  This video was made in April, 2014.  Walt passed away on September 24, 2021. A bench honoring Walt is located outside the barn.


Channel 27 Madison — August, 2017

The Ogawa family traveled more than 6,000 miles from Japan to the U.S. and they had only two stops on their itinerary. One stop was part of a celestial phenomenon; they were going to Columbia, Missouri to see the total solar eclipse and the second stop was to see the Sterling North Home/Museum.  Sterling’s famous book RASCAL was made into a popular 1970’s anime series in Japan. The Ogawas taped the entire 52-episode series, so their 5 year-old son has been able to enjoy what they watched when they were growing up.  The society much appreciated that Channel 27 out of Madison came to cover the story of their visit to Sterling North’s home.