Sterling and His Family

Sterling and Gladys North – Mid 1950’s. Arielle North, Sterling’s daughter, notes that this is her favorite photo of her parents.

Sterling’s Aunt Lilly McCarthy North, wife of D.W.’s brother Fred.

Sterling, Gladys, son DavidĀ  and daughter Arielle North – 1936. Photo taken by Gladys North’s father, A.M. Buchanan.

Gladys Buchanan – 1924

Sterling North – High School Graduation Photo

Sterling North in the canoe he built in the living room of the Rollin Street home.

Sterling North paddling in the canoe he built in the living room of the Rollin Street home – 1923.

This is the canoe Sterling built in the living room on Rollin Street. He used cheese box balsam wood for the ribs of the canoe.

The canoe Sterling built sits on display at the Albion Museum. Unfortunately, a fire destroyed the museum including Sterling’s canoe.

Young Sterling

Sterling at approximately age 14

Sterling and his father, D.W., pose with Herschel’s child.

Sterling stands by the side of the Rollin Street home – about 1915.

(Left) Ernest North, son of Sterling’s Uncle Fred and Aunt Lillie, and Sterling with the construction they made with blocks ordinarily used in Uncle Fred’s beehives. Uncle Fred took this picture at his house around the time Sterling had Rascal.

Herschel North (brother of Sterling North) in training, WWI.

Herschel North (brother of Sterling North) in training – WWI.

Herschel North (brother of Sterling North) b. February 8, 1893 – married Bessie Nelson on June 24, 1922. d. January 10, 1976

Jessica North, Sterling North’s beloved sister, “Dottie.” b. September 7, 1891. Married Reed MacDonald. d. June 3, 1988.

Theo North, sister of Sterling North. b. January 14, 1890. Married Norman Brokaw. d. February, 1962.

Sterling at age 4

Sterling North, age 4. b. November 4, 1906 – d. December 21, 1974.

Jessica, Theo, and Herschel North – approximately 1895.

Turn-of-the-century photo of Sterling North’s parents: D.W. and Libby North, approximately 1899. This photo was taken by Fred North with flash powder (see reflection in window). Fred was D.W.’s brother and Sterling’s uncle. D.W. North: b. August 10, 1862 – d. January 7, 1962. Libby North (Sarah Elizabeth Nelson North): b. August 15, 1866 – d. March 31, 1914.

Sarah Ann North Wileman, Fred North, Helen North Whitcomb, Thomas North II (who first lived in the Rollin Street home), David Willard North, Thomas North III, Emily North Templeton. December 28, 1908.

Nelson Family Reunion – approximately 1880s. Sarah Elizabeth Nelson North (Libby) and D.W. North, Sterling’s parents, are standing at far right of picture.

February 26, 1908 picture of the North, Wileman, and Templeton family members in front of the house on Rollin Street.

Sarah Jane Brailsford North (b. Paris, France, 1830 – d. October 1900 Edgerton) and Thomas North II (b. Totley, England, 1828 – d. about 1913 Edgerton). They are parents to D.W. North and grandparents of Sterling. D.W. once said, “I never saw my mother’s hands still. She was always carding, spinning, weaving, knitting, sewing, mending, churning butter, cooking, cleaning…” Thomas and Sarah lived in the Rollin Street house. Sterling and D.W. moved there after the death of Thomas. Photo taken sometime before 1900.